91 Years

Proudly Celebrating Our 92nd Year

March 15, 2014. 

Thank you to the countless volunteers over the decades who have helped to restore and maintain this facility so it may be enjoyed for generations to come! 

A special, heartfelt thank you to Linda Brantley for her 25+ years of selfless dedication and laying the groundwork the theatre’s foundation so we are able to offer quality Performance & Visual Arts Entertainment to our community in a first-class facility and ensure our future existance. 

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Tom Elmendorf for his 15+ years of selfless dedication.  Tom takes pride in the quality of service he provides to each person stepping through the door, the countless hours of restoration and maintenance he provides, does everything in his power to keep these doors open and above all makes sure this facility always maintains its character.  He has the theatre’s best interest at heart with every decision, no matter how large or small. 

Over the last 10-12 years, there are many  volunteers who have gone above and beyond normal volunteer duties.  This includes countless hours cleaning, painting, working events, etc.  MOST of these people have Full or Part-time jobs and families, yet still found time to give to the theatre.  We are eternally grateful for that. 

Thank you to these special volunteers:

Earl & Rita Sholders

Craig Miller

Jodi Elmendorf & Layla Young

Ryan and Monique Elmendorf

Michelle Henry

Lisa Bramm

Brandy & Ruben Moreno

Chris Keucker

Alex Druien

Tyler Grossmann

Joe Loescher

Mike Sholders

Tracy Ranken-Sharp & Dennis Sharp

Kenny Hughes

Christi Buttron

We look forward to our Centennial celebration in 2022….




Watch for NEW, exciting events coming in 2012 !

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