~ We are located in Dixon, IL. ~

 Hometown of Former President Ronald

 “A place to come home to”

 ~Ronald Reagan~


Located  1/2 way between Chicago and Iowa, the Theatre is currently a rental facility that provides a very unique, elegant facility for organizations and individuals to hold many different types of events at user-friendly prices.  The Historic Dixon Theatre today, has a large stage (offering 2 stage extensions, 1 covers the orchestra pit, the other is a smaller extension of downstage center and offers steps on both sides), sunken orchestra pit in front of the stage, the gorgeous domed ceiling offering the most amazing natural acoustics one will likely ever experience, 5 dressing rooms and 2 restrooms in the basement below the stage, as well as several drop bars available in the fly area for use.  There are 2 restrooms on the Mezzanine level, 2 main floor store fronts on either side of the front lobby area of the theatre that were converted to expand the original restrooms, which now have allowed us to offer 7 women’s and 2 men’s stalls, instead of the 1 stall in each prior to this renovation.  After undergoing such extensive renovation over the last 20+ yrs,  and adding all of these fantastic amenities to this building, it is safe to say that Historic Dixon Theatre now offers you all of the amenities of a modern theatre, while preserving its “old theatre” appearance and charm. 


 The auditorium accommodates many types of live stage performances and activities such as:

  • Broadway Musicals & Plays

  • National Touring Artists

  • Weddings, Receptions

  • Comedians

  • Movies

  • Barton Theatre Pipe Organ

  • Band & Choral Concerts 

  • Orchestras

  • Dance Recitals

  • Opera

  • Ballet

  • Classic 35mm Film & DVD Capability

  • Lectures**

  • Company Meetings**

  • Seminars and National Conferences**  

**(Power Point & Cat 5 )

The Dixon area can be proud that The Historic Dixon Theatre operates independently from local government and is self-sufficient, SOLELY surviving on rental fees, concession sales and being blessed occasionally with private donations. The Theatre is a 501c3 and if you’d like to learn more about a tax-deductable donation to the Theatre, contact Tom at info@dixontheatre.com


 Theater Board of Trustees:

Tom Elmendorf        Craig Miller        

Earl Sholders               Jodi Elmendorf

Respected Advisor and Former Trustee: Linda Brantley

 If you have an interest in VOLUNTEERING or RENTING the Dixon Theatre, please contact us at


Thank you for your continued support of 

Historic Dixon Theatre! 


If you have any historic facts or information regarding The Historic Dixon Theatre, please email us at  info@dixontheatre.com




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