A 501 c3 Organization

Where do your donations go?

As an Historic facility, we are constantly experiencing repairs and renovations to the facility.  Although we are a 501C3, we do not receive State or Government funding. 

Donations are deposited into the general operating fund, unless they are specifically directed to a specific item, which maintains daily operations of the facility allowing us to continue providing quality entertainment in this great community. 

Your generous donation is tax deductible and we’re happy to issue a letter  confirming your donation for tax purposes, upon request.  To donate today,  you may send a check to:


PO Box 682, Dixon, IL 61021

If you would like to learn more about donating funds for specific items needed (some listed below), please email us at info@dixontheatre.com  



  • Funds for South wall repair (this is a top priority for us.  The wall is literally crumbling and disintegrating, due to moisture, by the week and so is the Italian Marble original to the building which Leonard Rorer brought here from Italy when the theatre was built in 1922)

  • Funds to cover auditorium renovation (plaster repair, paint, scaffold rental)

  • Window replacement for first level (will save us hundreds per year in heat loss during winter months)

  • Exit/Emergency Door replacement (we replaced 2 of the worst ones last year, but have a few to go. This will save us hundreds per year in heat loss during winter months)

  • Video capability (many renters/performers request to have their performance recorded.  Most theatres can record and directly plug in to the sound system for premium quality.  This would be another avenue for the theatre to bring in additional funds, as we could charge an additional fee for this service.)

  • New Wireless Microphones

  • iPad to operate Sound (only most recent version is compatible)

  • New Movie Screen

  • Funds to replace the counter-weight system backstage which controls the raising and lowering of light bars and drop bars (these are very outdated, non-user friendly and extremely dangerous)

  • New Curtains and mechanics (our curtains are showing major wear and tear.  Functional theatrical curtains have a main curtain that raises and lowers, a front and mid-stage traveler, and a stationary or functioning back curtain.   Unfortunately, performers and renters become limited when faced with lack of versatility in our facility.  Our theatre has only one front traveler, also serving as the main curtain.  The entire curtain and curtain operating system need to be replaced, as it is outdated, very non-user friendly and parts of it are dangerous)

  • Video Screens for side walls (This allows for many uses including advertisement prior to  and during events, as well assisting during events in many other ways such as during power point presentations and adding to the patron’s visual experience in general during specific events)

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